Save your time by choosing V-Search


V-search is a search engine for contact finding and aggregation. By sparing you the mundane manual work it allows to to better use your time.
Search for any type of contact and just let V-search find and organize them for you.
Then you can export your search results in different formats to form your personal database. your personal contacts database


Contacts updated in real time

V-Search through the real-time analysis of the links provided by the Bing search engine is able to detect the contacts within.


Find your contacts quickly

Thanks to the distributed site analysis system hosted on Amazon Web Services, the search times on the requested pages are extremely optimized for a better user experience.


Choose the types of contacts to find

Customize your searches with V-Search which, thanks to a special menu, allows you to choose the types of contacts (e-mail, phone, mobile, fax, VAT, facebook, linkedin, twitter, google +) of your interest .


Download contacts found

V-Search allows you to export (in PDF, CSV) the report of the contacts found, which you can use to populate your database of contacts.

Features in development...

V-Search is constantly evolving. Your advice helps us grow!


Customize your search

Customize your search by choosing the number of links to analyze and the contacts found will be sent to you by email.


Re-launch searches periodically

Decide which searches are of interest to you, in order to start them periodically and to be informed of any changes in the contacts in relation to the last search made.


Saving in the Cloud

V-Search will allow you to save your searches in the cloud without worrying about exporting them.


We are not going to charge you for using the platform, for now! To cover the costs we'll just use some ads.

V-Search v1.0
  • 20 credits
  • Export search results
  • Search for standard contacts (fax, phone, email)
  • Search for social contacts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G +)
  • Full support via e-mail
  • 10Searches saved in the cloud (coming soon ...)


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